What Lent Means to Me

9th April 2023


As we reach the end of our Lenten journey, Alf, District Chair & District Chaplain of the Royal Greenwich Scouts reflects on the power of teamwork.  His What Lent means to Me piece cites the efforts of our local young people and the power of self-giving as a group.

Jesus’ years of ministry took him from the weakness of a 40 day fast to strength enough to absorb all the hatred and intolerance of the leaders of his day. Today’s season of Lent is based upon those early days of weakness from which he emerged all the stronger through being true to his faith in God.

Society today has many situations which challenge governments, councils, charities and each of us as individuals. In the face of these we experience a sense of weakness and helplessness as individuals. How can we find the strength to address any issues? For me, it has to be teamwork.

So, it was a year ago, that I learned more of the work of Foodbanks (Greenwich in particular) and how the time and effort (a form of sacrifice/giving up) of many can make all the difference.

There existed a pasta mountain that not only took up space but time, to manage the flow of stock before deterioration; thus, diverting energy from supplying the needs of many. The answer – exchange the mountain for items needed more urgently especially in the interest of supplying dietary balanced aid to families.

A co-operation came into being between Greenwich Foodbank and Royal Greenwich Scouts. Adults and young people aged 6-17 organised swap-shops amongst their families, churches and schools. Such was the enthusiasm for this initiative that in six months – problem solved. Since then activities to raise awareness have found their way into activity plans and have continued to generate donations not  in a haphazard manner but with thought and imagination behind the giving. Put this together with young people in the forefront of educating the general public in local supermarkets and an increase in general generosity is inspired. The work goes on and Brownie Guides are getting involved as well.

Whilst much remains to be done in tackling the cause of Foodbank need, our young people show us once again how strength can come from a little self-giving.

#thankyou to Alf and all the Royal Greenwich Scouts for their continued support.

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