#ThankYou – Davy’s

29th June 2020

Throughout the current COVID-10 crisis we have been continuously gratified by the innumerable supporters who have tirelessly continued to fundraise on our behalf.  The tremendous support we have been receiving has been invaluable in helping us meet the increased need that we’re currently facing.

Davy’s Wine Shop & Cellars, Greenwich, advised us last week that they had raised £6,990 on our behalf.  James Davy, Chairman, said, “It is with great pleasure that we can support this excellent cause. We know everybody has been affected in so many ways by the lockdown and the virus and it is our sincere hope that this donation, alongside all the other very worthy community projects in the area, will help ease the hardship for those that need it most.”

Alan Robinson, CEO of the Greenwich Foodbank responded, “In terms of how this money might help us, we have very few overheads we employ one person and run two vans.  In pre-COVID times we are supported by a small army of volunteers and our main premises are gifted to us by the council.  The emergency has changed things in respect to finances.  In the early weeks, our traditional sources of food donations collapsed and in response, we decided to build a fund to buy food (wholesale) to make up the shortage.  We are still building that fund and food donations have started to pick up.  However, we have also seen a significant increase in demand for our help.

We believe that when the Job Retention Scheme ends, we will experience a second wave in respect of demand that could outstrip food donations.  In preparation for this, we want to build the food fund again to ensure no one goes without.  The funds raised by the individuals from Davy’s will go a long way to enable us to secure that ambition.”


Sam Price, Manager, Davy’s Wine Shop & James Davy, Chairman, Davy’s Wine Merchants

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