Ask your MP to back Coronavirus Emergency Income Support scheme

1st May 2020

The outpouring of support food banks have seen during the current crisis has been incredible – thank you! Together, we’re making a real impact.

Your support has never been more vital as food banks report their busiest ever fortnight.

That’s over 6,250 emergency food parcels provide to people in crisis each day, with close to 3,000 for children every single day during that fortnight!

We’re hugely proud that food banks are continuing to meet this need despite some of the most challenging circumstances, and this would not been possible without your support. You have helped us achieve a great deal in the last few weeks, and we’re incredibly grateful that you are standing alongside us, food banks, and people in financial crisis.

But ultimately, everyone should be able to afford their own food. 

Food banks are working incredibly hard to continue to provide emergency food safely to people who cannot afford to buy the essentials – but they cannot continue to pick up the pieces. Although recent measures brought in by the government have been huge boosts, we need the government to strengthen the anchor it has already put in place to help protect many people from being swept into destitution

We’ve joined forces with other anti-poverty charities to call for a strong lifeline to be thrown to anyone who needs it.

More than 1.8 million people have applied for Universal Credit in recent weeks, and it is likely that more and more individuals and families are going to need to use food banks as the outbreak develops.

Together, we’re urging the government to provide a Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme to help the nation weather the storm of this pandemic.  Find out more on our website now.

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The last few weeks have shown we must come together to protect each other against the unexpected. Like a tidal wave gathering pace, an economic crisis is sweeping towards us – but we don’t all have lifeboats. We need emergency measures to ensure people can makes ends meet during this crisis. We have the power to come together as a country and make sure support is there to stop any of us being swept into poverty during this emergency.

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Your continued support is vital to the food banks in our network as they respond to this current crisis with versatility and courage. Thank you again.



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